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US forces have launched 775 bombs in Afghanistan since the beginning of the year

According to statistics released by the US Air Force Central Commander, there have been two bombs dropped by US forces stationed in Afghanistan since the beginning of this year, up to now.
(Tuesday Dalwa 3Th / January 23 Roidadha News Reports) US News Agency: US Air Force dropped 360 bombs only in February on headquarter of Al-Qaeda and other groups that the US and the Afghan government call them terrorist. Air Force Magazine, owned by the US Air Force, today – Tuesday, June 7 / 27 Hut – in a report quoted by the US Air Force Central Commander that the force has drooped 775 bombs on terrorist positions in Afghanistan since the beginning of this year. Air Force magazine continued in its report that the US Air Force only dropped 360 bombs on Al-Qaeda and Daesh headquarters in February, it shows a decrease comparison to the same period than last year.

The report did not mention any US air strikes on a Taliban offensive that targeted Afghan government forces in Nahre Siraj district of Helmad Province. US troops announced in the fourth month of this Christian year that they had targeted Taliban headquarters in Helmand province. Sunny Legit, a US based spokesman for Afghan forces at the time said that, they had bombed the group’s headquarters to disrupt the Taliban’s attack on government forces.

The Data of bombing on headquarters of Daesh and Al-Qaeda groups are being released by the US Air Force as the United States has begun withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, but the Taliban are still reluctant to reduce violence and intensify attacks on governmental forces.

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