Holding an exhibition of women’s handicrafts in the west of Kabul


A two-day exhibition of women’s handicrafts and works of art was held in a vocational training center in West Kabul. The professors of this educational center ask the government to hand over projects related to handicrafts to women entrepreneurs.

Hands deprived of a pen, but the creator of artistic and sewing beauty. The ideals have not only been destroyed, but have sprouted more here

Tamna Hosseini is a lady left behind from the education caravan, she is not sitting idle and here she teaches the art of tailoring to dozens of people with the same fate. He wants to save girls from depending on others

Painting, ribbon embroidery, leather embroidery, sewing are among the parts of this exhibition. The works of art created as a result of a six-month training course.

600 women, most of whom are survivors of the science and knowledge caravan, are engaged in learning professions and techniques under one roof in this center. Of course, the ultimate goal of education and service to the family and country.

Hashemi, the director of Roshd Educational and Professional Center, says that if facilities are provided for this center, he will provide this training for women in other parts of Kabul and provinces.

After closing the doors of educational centers to girls above the sixth grade, most of them have turned to learning handicrafts. They want to open the doors of schools and universities.

Events news agency M eena Habib


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