November 17th; World student day

November 17th is equal to International Student Day; But it has been two years and several months that

female students in Afghanistan have been deprived of education. A number of female students say that they used to celebrate this day every year; But this year they are deprived of education and stay at home. They say that they wish to return to university and school at least until the next academic year.

However, the government officials say that the work on how to reopen the school doors is ongoing and we have to wait until the final decision of the relevant bodies.

The ban on girls’ education is the most controversial decision of the caretaker government in the last 2 years. The policy that has made about 3 million female students and nearly 70,000 female teachers stay at home

Darakhshan Afzali, with all his lofty dreams, is engaged in vocational training for women who were left out of education in one of the centers. He says, the student’s day becomes meaningful for him when the school doors are open.

Marzieh, a student, told Events News: “We are worried about our future, when will schools start. When we don’t go to school, we stay behind and we will stay behind.”

Safiya, another student, said: “We must develop both men and women and be able to bring Afghanistan to a level where all those who see our weaknesses are capable of facing them and bring Afghanistan to high peaks.

Almost two years and a few months have passed since the closure of schools for girls in the country, although this issue has caused global reactions; But until now, there is no news about the reopening of schools for girls above the sixth grade in the country.

The Islamic Emirate had previously said that this is not a permanent issue and they are trying to reopen schools for girls as soon as possible.

Mina Habib Events News Agency

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