Richard Bennett’s urgent emphasis on women’s education in Afghanistan

Recently, the UN Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan, Chart Bint, said in an interview with a private television: Respecting women’s rights is the most important step in the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by countries. According to him, the deprivation of girls from education has caused widespread concern in the world and is the biggest obstacle to the recognition of the Islamic Emirate.

Bennett said: “I want to say, if the current rulers of Afghanistan recognize the rights and freedoms of women, an important step for legitimacy and recognition will be taken, this does not mean full recognition and I do not want to use this word.”

Bennett also said that according to their research, Afghanistan ranks last in the world in terms of respect for women’s rights.

This means that the position of Afghanistan in terms of the good condition of women and girls in the world is at the 177th rank among 177 countries, that is, the last rank. He said that this situation of women and discrimination against them has created many concerns at the level of the international community

He asked the Islamic Emirate to immediately remove educational bans against women. This is while the officials of the Islamic Emirate have not provided a clear answer about the reopening of educational centers and demands in this regard.

Meena Habib Reporter

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