Strong presence of women in the ranks of the Ministry of Interior

Recently, the officials of the Ministry of Interior said that nearly two thousand women are working in different departments in this ministry. According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, Abdul Matin Qane, these women are mostly working in the security, detection, night operations, general directorate of passports, public services and efforts. He emphasized that increasing the number of policewomen in this ministry is a basic need and women who are currently working have achieved many things.

Aziz Stanekzai, a military expert, also says that the presence of trained women in the ranks of the police can play an important role in ensuring security and public order. Especially in the part of searching houses, arresting the accused and physically searching women and cars.

Sadegh Shenuari, one of the other military experts, says that the presence of two thousand women is not enough, but this number should be increased.

Shakila, a female police officer who has been working at a checkpoint for more than two years, says that she has achieved a lot and wants to work in higher positions in the future. Fouzia also says that other women experts in the police department should be provided with work. Because in many cases, men cannot make an effort.

While the doors of educational centers are closed to women, there is concern that the country will face a shortage of female specialists in the future, especially in the security sectors.

Dr. Akram Arefi, professor of the university, asks the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that education is the right of every person and it should be provided for everyone.

Mina Habib Events News Agency

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