The beginning of the biometric process of people with disabilities and homeless families in Bamyan

The Martyrs and Disabled Directorate of Bamyan started the registration and biometric process of

people with disabilities and homeless families today, Thursday, 25th of Scorpio. The purpose of this work is transparency in providing services and identifying people with disabilities and homeless families. The system has been activated in a networked manner and has eliminated any fraud.

Ali Khan Ahmadi, the head of Bamiyan Martyrs and Disabled Department, told the media that with the launch of this system, any fraud has been prevented and complete transparency has been created. They explain that I hope all the rights of people with disabilities and homeless families will be paid transparently.

People with disabilities are also happy that the creation of this system will help them pay their salaries on time. Mohammad Juma, a disabled person, says that in the past, they faced the challenge of receiving their salaries late.

Chaman Wajidi, head of the Bamian Disabled Association, says that the government should do more to deal with the problems of the disabled.

Fatemeh, a homeless lady, is asking the countries of the world to continue their aid to the deserving people of Afghanistan.

However, Bamyan is one of the 24 provinces where the electronic identification system for people with disabilities has been opened and started working.

Events news agency

Mina Habib

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