Dozens of women received a certificate of graduation from the course of professional training and handicrafts

80 women graduated from professional tailoring and handicraft training courses in Kabul. The officials stated that the goal of this program is the economic growth of families and the creation of job opportunities for women. The participants asked the government to provide career opportunities for female students in order to fight poverty. The women who participate in this program are those who are left out of education. They want the government to open the gates of schools and universities to girls.Rukhsar Faizi, one of the professional women, says that educational limitations and lack of job opportunities have multiplied their life problems. Khadijah, one of the other students, said that the government should provide opportunities for people based on the laws and religious framework.

Officials and organizers of this program say that by launching vocational training workshops, they are trying to strengthen the motivation of women. On the other hand, by launching these programs, they want women to achieve economic independence and be saved from dependence.

Yalda Azimi, the head of Shafaq Social Institute, said that all the efforts of this institution are to improve the high capacities of women in different sectors.

On the other hand, the officials of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment say that according to the law and regulations, they will cooperate with these women and provide them with the opportunity to hold large exhibitions. Khairuddin Mayel, the administrative deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said that they will cooperate with the women of the profession as much as possible.

Investment, said that they will cooperate with the women of the profession as much as possible.

At the same time, the bad economic situation has led many women to hard work in a number of provinces. A problem that is challenging for most of them.


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