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The Taliban Must Be Recognized and People Should Be Aware!

3- The Taliban Must Be Recognized and People Should Be Aware!
As an Afghan, I call upon all the people of my dear countrymen to come to grip once and for all, especially because our homeland that prides as a mother for us. We have been indifferent upon our homeland all over the continues years. We never wanted to find out what the truth was and save our land from the whirlwind of extravagance, war, destruction, destruction, and the dark and cruel policies of hostile countries, especially Pakistan and Iran.

The nation of Afghanistan is a Muslim, brave and transient nation; they have never bowed to any of the great superpowers of the world and has valiantly defended its possessions, but what I want to write and present to the audience is, that unfortunately a group of people in this land called Taliban have formed from Pakistan and their supporters, and have sought in their first activities the ominous goals of their landlords, which is to put the arrogant Afghan nation in the straits of oppression and to bury value and also religious beliefs.
Taliban Groups are a mean of achieving Pakistan’s desperate goals, and how it turned Afghanistan into the fifth and poorest suburb of Pakistan?
How did these numbers of people, either consciously or un consciously verify the Taliban’s inhumane acts? While they know well what kind of terrorist groups they are. One should ask how the Taliban’s war consider to be Jihad. While Jihad has its own terms and conditions. The Taliban’s war has neither these conditions nor theirs. They should be asked where the Taliban’s goals are being determined and whose wishes are pursued.

While the Taliban have been attacking the people of Afghanistan and its guards for less than two decades under the pretext of having foreign powers. In the end, they have made an alliance and are close to joining the US. What is known as an obvious fact is, that the Taliban are a tool in the Pakistan Army serving their war agendas, the Pakistani Military Intelligence Agency or (ISI), the motivation and morality of the war from the Pakistani Mullahs and the war lines, and They take their politics from the countries that encountered Afghanistan into the black soil in previous years.

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