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Presidential declaration issued on Tuesday

Presidential declaration issued on Tuesday (November 6 / Qows 21) said that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, had, emphasized on a meeting with Aryana Airlines officials the plan to establish a Bakhtar Airlines and Ariana Airlines reforms. At this meeting, Mr. Ghani added that a plan should be made to train professional staffs, especially pilots, and plan to cooperate with the national air defense and interior ministries to transfer their personnel. The Afghan president has emphasized on that Ariana Airlines should be connected to the outskirts and become a profitable company. Mr. Ghani has stated that major reforms at Ariana are aimed at providing services, bringing human capacity, business growth plans and pilgrimage transfer plan. Based on the Declaration of the Presidential palace, the President also emphasized the serious scrutiny of airfield installations in the provinces and their benchmarking, saying that airfield security should be well secured. Officials at Ariana Airlines also said that efforts are under way to activate the Bakhtar airline in the near future. Ariana Airlines officials have also added plans to purchase a plane for the Bakhtar airline

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