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Mottaqi: We Are Getting Closer to Recognition.

According to Roidadha News, Maulvi Amir Khan Mottaqi, the acting head of the Taliban’s foreign ministry, says the government headed by the group is gaining international legitimacy and is close to that goal.

According to the events news agency, he raised this issue in an interview with France News Press on Wednesday (13 Aquarius).

About six months after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, no country has yet recognized the group. However, Mottaqi said: “We are getting closer to this goal [of recognition]; this is our right, the right of Afghans. We will continue our political struggles and efforts to achieve our rights.

He added that the Taliban government is actively involved with the international community and there are signs of its acceptance.

“The international community wants to interact with us,” Mottaqi said. “We have made good progress in this area.”

The Taliban foreign minister also said that several countries had reopened their embassies in Kabul and that a number of other countries were expected to open diplomatic branches in Afghanistan.

In part of his speech, Mottaqi said that the Taliban did everything they could in the field of human rights, not under international pressure. “What we are doing in our country is not because we have to have conditions or we are not doing it under pressure from anyone,” he said. “We do it according to our plan and policy.”

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