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When You Are Stand, Help Fallen People


This time, the Martyrs ‘Charity Foundation distributed food to 750 families in need. The donations were donated by the Ismailzada family to the Martyrs’ Charity Foundation. Becomes.

They said the aid included flour, rice and cooking oil and would be distributed equally in all parts of Kabul.

Habibullah Mudaqiq, head of the Martyrs’ Charity, told Roidadha News on Friday, the February, 4, 2022, that they had distributed flour, oil and rice to 750 needy families to help the needy, and that they had given a promise to others.

A number of recipients of donations have expressed their gratitude to this charity and called for more attention from domestic and foreign aid organizations.

Samad Rostami, a resident of Kabul’s first district, says he has been unemployed for six months and is in a bad situation, adding that if the government does not pay attention to them, his children will lose their lives due to hunger and cold weather.

The head of the Martyrs’ Charity Foundation said that he had already provided food to a number of families in Kabul province.

The aid comes as the United Nations and international institutions have previously announced a humanitarian crisis in the country this winter.

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