.» Dozens of Students Protested in Front of the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

A number of students living in India are complaining about rising travel costs to Afghanistan

Some students studying at Indian universities protested in front of the Indian embassy in Kabul on Wednesday, February, 2, 2022 demanded that the country grant them a student visa.

They chanted, “Get us a visa. India, we want a visa. Do not mix education with politics. (Do not sacrifice students for politics.) Education is our right. Do not deprive us of education.”

Ishaq Khan, a 24-year-old protester, told Roidadha News: “India must issue visas to students so that our half-finished courses at Indian universities can be completed.” “Now we, the students, are in a state of disarray”.

Naser, 45, is a first-year master’s degree student in economics in India

I ask India to give us a visa so that we can continue our studies in this country Naser said, “In-person classes have started and we are in the last semester, now we cannot continue our studies.” I do not represent any group. We are impartial people. We, the students, do not want that our education is share with your policy, we are just getting us visa that we can continue our studies so that we serve in our country.

Another student said: “We are worried about our future: “When the revolutions took place, our passports were confiscated at the Indian embassy, they did not give us visas and our passports.”

After the fall of Kabul, the Indian embassy in Kabul was closed by the Taliban, and all visas, including student visas, were revoked for Afghans.

Massoud Omari, a student at the Faculty of Engineering, says that passports of many students have run out of time. If India does not issue us a visa, we will have to get a passport again. This is another problem for students, many of whom do not even have passport money.

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