Taliban Attempt to Reopen Girls’ Schools


Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told the Associated Press on Saturday (January 15th) that they hoped to open girls’ schools across the country at the beginning of the new solar year.

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, schools were closed to female students, but in most provinces girls from the sixth grade onwards were barred from attending school; An action that provoked widespread international reactions

The news of the reopening of girls’ schools in Herat showed joy and happiness on the faces of students.

Razia, who is in the 12th grade, considers the opening of schools to be a good deed for girls and says: “I am happy that the girls’ schools are starting again, and in fact, while we are at home and the schools are closed, we all feel frustrated.” We did, and in fact we did not see any scientific or educational future for ourselves, and we felt that we might be deprived of education and science, but now that we have heard the news of the reopening of schools, we are really very happy. Razia says she also urges the Taliban to live up to their commitment this time and reopen girls’ schools, especially those in their final year waiting for the entrance exam to get to university, as girls study like boys.

With the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, the group allowed only boys as well as elementary school girls to attend school, a move that drew criticism.

Roya a teacher in one of Governmental schools says, the closure of schools has had a negative effect on girls’ morale. I am very happy to hear that girls’ schools are reopening,” said, who welcomed the Taliban’s move to lift restrictions on girls’ education.

Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, also said that the Islamic Emirate is never against girls’ education, on the contrary, the Islamic Emirate is trying to provide a safe and secure environment for girls to study.

He added, “The Islamic Emirate is now working on a procedure to open girls’ schools nationwide. There is high hope that the gates of schools will be opened for girls soon.”

Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the ministries of education and higher education were working on how to reopen schools at the start of the new solar year.

He added that girls and boys should study in separate schools. According to Mr. Mujahid, the main problem with the reopening of girls’ schools is the lack of schools and dormitories for women and girls.

He said “We are not against education, but we want to solve the existing problems by next year.”

The Taliban have so far not taken a single position on girls’ schools; out of a total of 34 provinces in Afghanistan, girls are allowed to study from grade seven onwards in ten provinces, but in other provinces girls from grade six onwards are allowed to attend school. They are deprived.

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