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The United States Called on Russia to Support Afghanistan’s Peace Deal

The US State Department has called on the Russian Federation to help the United States to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan.
“We call on Russia not only for help to suppress Daesh, but also for further peace insurance and inter-Afghan talks,” said deputy secretary of State David Hill.
Hill added: “Russia’s response to the US request for assistance is less than ideal and does not provide the kind of support we expect,”.
US President Donald Trump, arrived on an unexpected visit to Bagram military base in northern Kabul in (November 28,2019 / 7 Qows), said: “The Talibans are now favor to peace deal and a ceasefire, and they want to come on an agreement,”.

Donald Trump emphasized: “We’ll see if the Taliban can come to an agreement or not. If they come on agreement, it is better. it is no problem if they do not come on agreement.
He said that in the last six months there has been seen a great progress in negotiations with the Taliban. He also added that the US is reducing its military armies in Afghanistan and the US-base force will be reduced to 8600.

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