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9- Hague Tribunal Declaration on Afghan War Crimes

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has said, it will hold a hearing plenary session on the refusal to launch an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan. The plenary session will begin on December 4 and will continue until December 6.
A preliminary hearing held before the trial began on April 5 acknowledged that the Taliban, Afghan governmental forces, US militaries and US intelligence personnel in Afghanistan had committed war crimes.
The judges conceded that no investigations or prosecutions of those allegedly responsible were carried out. They also said that, 700 victims complained to the tribunal about the war in Afghanistan. They welcomed the launch of formal investigations into this case.
According to the judges at this point of time, the investigations will not lead to justice. However, the International Criminal Court has already stated that it will not launch formal investigations into Afghanistan.
“Without the actions of the International Criminal Court, justice in Afghanistan would be a hollow slogan,” says Zia Mubaligh, a member of the transitional justice group of Afghanistan.
Arialai Mubalegh said, “The impunity in Afghanistan shows that why the International Criminal Court is highly needed as the highest judicial authority”.
During the hearing plenary session, the court will hear statements from various sources, including office of parliament members and the government of Afghanistan and also the victims’ representatives

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