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Taliban Foreign Minister to Former Ghani Government Official: You Made a Good Decision to Return!

Welcoming the return of Abdul Salam Rahimi, Ghani’s former minister of peace, he said, “You made a good decision to return!”

According to Shafaqna news agency, Abdul Salam Rahimi, Ashraf Ghani’s special envoy for peace affairs in Afghanistan, met with the acting Foreign Minister after returning to the country.

In a video broadcast on national television, Amir Khan Mottaqi welcomed his return today.

In this video, he tells Rahimi: “Now that you are back, one day you can sit in on a TV debate and express your opinion, even if it is against the government.”

Mottaqi added to Rahimi during the meeting: “You made a good decision to return.”

Abdul Salam Rahimi was a former government official close to Ashraf Ghani who served in the first term as head of the Presidential Administration and in the second term as Minister of State for Peace in Afghanistan.

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