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Hamid Karzai’s Emphasis on Returning Female Students to School in the Coming Spring


In an interview with CNN, Qari Karzai said that Islam has given women the right to work and

the right to education, adding that bargaining over women’s rights is not acceptable.

Mr Karzai says there was no excuse for girls to stay out of school. “It has to happen,” he added. “There is no excuse in this regard.”

Mr. Karzai’s remarks come as officials at the Islamic Emirate have previously said that all girls’ schools across the country will reopen next spring.

Aziz Ahmad Ryan, Director of Publications and Public Relations of the Ministry of Education, said: “The international community and the United States, whether teacher’s salary is paid or not, we as a system will reopen all schools for students in the country next spring. “And this has nothing to do with the demands of the United States and the international community.”

Earlier, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West said that if the Islamic Emirate reopens girls’ schools, the United States and the international community are ready to pay the salaries of all teachers.

High schools have closed in most parts of the country since the fall of the previous government. The reopening of schools and the return of women to work are issues that the international community has always emphasized.

On the other hand, Mr. Karzai says that he and Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the former National Reconciliation Council in the previous government, do not want to be in government. He says they have spent their time in previous governments and no longer need to be in government

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