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Concerns About Rising Children at Risk and Acute Malnutrition and Death in Afghanistan


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned that more than one million children in Afghanistan are at risk of acute malnutrition and death.

Praveran Mahat, a communications specialist at the UNICEF South Asia Regional Office, called for immediate action after visiting the Andhra Gandhi Children’s Hospital in Kabul.

The Child Protection Fund official visited Andhra Gandhi’s Child Health Hospital in Kabul on Sunday.

It calls for urgent help from the international community to prevent an imminent catastrophe.

In a statement posted on Twitter, UNICEF’s Communications Officer for the South Asia Regional Office said that UNICEF estimates that more than one million children in Afghanistan could suffer from acute malnutrition this year without immediate action.

He called on partners and donor countries to support children in Afghanistan, and this assistance is now urgently needed.

These remarks come at a time when concerns about the plight of children in Afghanistan are increasing every day.


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