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Bitter Anecdotes, a Family in Herat Rising Becuase of Poverty

Following the famine and poverty crisis in Afghanistan, a resident of a refugee camp in Herat told the Guardian Newspaper that he had sold his daughters because of poverty and now planned to sell his kidney.

The Guardian reported on Sunday January, 3, 2022 that severe poverty and displacement in Afghanistan have left its citizens facing difficult and disappointing choices.

Delaram Rahmati, the head of a family of eight in Herat, told the newspaper that he had sold his young daughters because of hunger and was trying to provide for his family, so he planned to sell his pollen as well.

“I had to sell two of my daughters, an eight- and six-year-old girl,” he said. Rahmati said that a few months ago he sold his daughters for 100,000 afghanis to families he did not know.

The market for the sale of girls and kidney in Afghanistan has resurfaced since the Taliban came to power in the country, and people have turned to selling their daughters out of poverty.

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