Women’s Rights Activists Opened a Library by Name of (Woman) in West of Kabul.

A library named “woman” with more than two thousand volumes of books was opened on Wednesday in the Pole Surkh area of ​​Kabul.

Afghan women’s rights activists established a library in Kabul on Wednesday August 24, 2022 for women who have been deprived of education and work under the Taliban regime. Most of the books in this library have been donated by teachers, poets and writers and collected through the Crystal Bayat Foundation. This library has more than two thousand volumes of books in the field of novels and pictured stories, as well as non-fiction books in the fields of politics, economics and science. Julia Parsi, one of the founders of this library, told to Reuters: “We have opened the library for two goals. One, for those girls who cannot go to school, and second, for women who have lost their duty and have nothing to do.Rukhshana, a student who was prevented from going to school after the arrival of the Taliban, said about the opening of this library: “I am very affected by the fact that the school for girls above the sixth grade has been closed, but this is a very good and proper action, at least for us girls. The school helps to raise our level of knowledge by going to such libraries.

Another student named Humira, who that gate of school was also closed for her after the Taliban returned to power, said about the opening of this library: “I hope that such activities will increase and that such libraries will be opened in every corner of the country so that girls and women can use them.” Before the beginning of the academic year, the Taliban government had promised that all schools would be opened to both male and female students, but on the first day of the current academic year, girls were not allowed to enter the school, and the female students stayed at home in a dark space from morning to night. They spend their time thinking about what will happen to them in the future. Mahhuba Habibi Women’s rights advocate said: “at the opening ceremony of this library they cannot erase us from society, if they destroy us from one area, we will continue from another.”

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