The Commission to Deal With Violations of the Media in Afghanistan Has Started Working.

After the repeated requests of the media for the commission to investigate media violations, the Ministry of Information and Culture says that the commission will start its work on Tuesday. Abdulhaq Hemmad, the head of the media office of this ministry, says that this commission will work for the general management of the media based on the law of public media. Mr. Hemad said in this regard: “Recently, the usual changes and adjustments were made in this law, and from then on, this law can be applied again and will be published very soon and will be available to the media.
Mr. Hemad was present at a meeting of institutions supporting the media with the leader of the Ministry of Information and Culture in this ministry: “We are at the service of the journalists of the country’s media to the best of our ability, even though I did not hesitate to cooperate in the past, we will not hesitate to do so in the future either.” Abu Zar Sarem, a member of the Afghanistan Media Complaints and Violations Commission, said: “The country’s media is struggling with many crises. All the country’s media organizations are trying to overcome these obstacles and challenges through the media in cooperation with the officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture. Bashir Hatif, with the change in the situation in the country, the media have faced many problems. One of the most important challenges for journalists is the prohibition of working by the forces of the Islamic Emirate. Mr. Hatef added, “After the changing the political situation in the country, 211 media outlets have started to operate, in which 10 news agencies have received operating licenses, and a number of media outlets are in semi-active situation. In the continuation of the meeting, Esmatullah Niazi, the news responsible of TOLO News, listed the major and fundamental challenges that journalists are faced with them, and called the creation of this commission a hope for media complaints and violations for the country’s media. Hayatullah Mohajer Farahi deputy minister of The publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture promised that the leadership of this ministry is trying to solve the problems of the media and journalists as soon as

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