The US representative asked Islamic countries to raise their voice for the rights of Afghan women

. Yana Amiri, the US special representative for Afghan women’s affairs, called on Islamic countries to raise their voices for women’s rights in Afghanistan.
In an interview with the Gazette Saudi newspaper, Mrs. Amiri called on the Islamic countries to interact with the Taliban and by challenging the Taliban’s way of thinking, make Afghans commit to saying “no” to the Taliban’s narratives.
Amiri also said that institutions such as the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation can show the Afghan people that they are not abandoned and defend their rights within the framework of Islam.
The American representative called the situation of human rights in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban “a great tragedy”.
According to her, at least 16 decrees have been issued to limit the rights of women and girls and apply other increasingly regressive measures regarding the way they dress and their social freedoms.

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