United Nations: 244 million children are deprived of going to school

The Office of the Political Representative of the United Nations in Afghanistan or UNAMA, publishing a new report of this organization, says that 244 million children around the world are deprived of going to school.

According to the News Agency of Events; UNAMA said this Thursday morning (Thursday 28) that the right to learn is a basic human right.

According to the new UN report, even though 244 million children cannot go to school, education is considered the key to progress  and peace.

The United Nations has said that we are in a situation where investment in the education sector is widely lacking.

The organization called on governments to step up their efforts to create a quality future for everyone, everywhere.

This report has been published while the Islamic Emirate has regained its control in Afghanistan, girls above the sixth grade, as well as female students up to the second grade, are denied education and going to school and university.

meena Habib – Events News Agency

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