UNICEF has provided education for 500 thousand Afghan boys and girls

Officials in the United Nations Children’s Fund in Afghanistan or UNICEF have announced that they have facilitated free education for 500,000 Afghan boys and girls.

According to the News Agency of Events; This fund wrote on its Twitter page on Monday (1st of Gemini): “Community-oriented clubs provide free education for more than 500,000 boys and girls in Afghanistan.”

UNICEF said that for many of these girls, social classes are the only way they can go to school.

This action of the United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF has been carried out while the gates of schools above the sixth grade and universities have been closed to female students and students until further notice.

The Acting Minister of Education of the Acting Government said about two weeks ago that the conditions for the education of women and girls are not yet favorable.

meena Habib – Events news agency

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