Afghan women are indomitable


Fran Ayquiza, the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Afghanistan, says that Afghan women are indomitable.

According to the incident news agency; Iquiza said in New York yesterday that they continue to face “threats and risks” and will not make a decision to put their employees at risk.

He did not elaborate on the risks, but said: “I would like to say that all UN female employees are working in Afghanistan, some of them work at home, some of them work in offices and some of them work in offices. “Women are working in all UN offices.”

Referring to women’s protests regarding restrictions on women’s work and education by the caretaker government, he said that no matter what, Afghan women will not give up.

He said that their office pays serious attention to their female employees.

Referring to the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, the representative of UNICEF said that currently more than 28 million Afghans, of which 15 million are children, need urgent humanitarian aid.

According to Ayquiza, in a traditional country like Afghanistan, the contribution of women in providing aid is important, so that they can provide aid to families and women.

Meena Habib – Events news agency


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