Turkey: The limitation of women’s education will lead the country to deeper poverty and despair

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk says that the caretaker government’s restriction of education for Afghan women is driving the country into deeper poverty and despair.

According to the News Agency of Events; Mr. Turk said in a press conference in Genoa yesterday (3rd of Gemini) that by oppressing women and girls, the caretaker government destroys Afghanistan’s ability to develop and leads the country to deeper poverty and despair.

He accused the caretaker government of removing half of the country’s population from daily life, saying that such a system of gender apartheid harms the country’s ability to develop.

He added: “I will never understand how anyone can trample the spirit of girls and women in such a cruel way, destroy their potential and drag their country into deeper poverty and despair.”

These statements are raised while the authorities of the Islamic Emirate have repeatedly said that they are committed to women’s rights within the framework of Islamic Sharia and that educational and work restrictions are temporary.

Reporter Meenahabib


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