Amnesty International: The main purpose of restrictions against Afghan women is to marginalize them

Amnesty International called the caretaker government’s behavior against Afghan women an example of a crime against humanity, saying that the main purpose of imposing restrictions on women is to marginalize them around the world.

According to the News Agency of Events; This organization, in cooperation with the International Commission of Jurists, published a report yesterday and said that the caretaker government’s severe restrictions against Afghan women and girls should be investigated as possible crimes under international law, including crimes against humanity and sexual harassment. .

This report mentions widespread cases of human rights violations in Afghanistan, including forced disappearances, government restrictions against women, torture, imprisonment, and other ill-treatment.

Amnesty International said that this behavior can be an example of a crime against humanity.

Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists have said in this report that the prosecutors of the International Criminal Court should consider crimes against humanity in their ongoing investigations into the situation in Afghanistan.

The caretaker government has not yet said anything about this reaction report.

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