UNAMA: Our female employees were harassed

hee Office of the Political Assistant of the United Nations or UNAMA in Afghanistan says in a report that the female employees of this organization have been harassed.

According to the News Agency of Events; This organization said in a report on Tuesday (Thurs 19) that the female employees of the organization’s offices in Afghanistan have been harassed, threatened and arrested.

In the report of this organization, it covers the events of February and April and mentions the cases of human rights violations in Afghanistan.

The report adds that several of these women have faced inappropriate methods, harassment and detention for no reason while commuting to work.

This report mentions the prohibition of work and education of women and girls, the casualties of civilians in what is called the operation against ISIS, the extra-legal arrest and killing of some members of the security and defense organs of the previous regime, and the restrictions on the media.

The caretaker government has not yet said anything about this report, but they previously called the publication of such reports baseless.

meena Habib – Events news agency

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