Taliban Spokesman at the International Meeting of Scholars in Turkey: (Reopening of Girls’ Schools Is Certain)

The spokesperson of the Taliban announced at the international meeting of scholars in Turkey that the reopening of girls’ schools above the sixth grade is certain. Zabihullah Mujahid did not say about the time of reopening of girls’ schools. He said that the Taliban are currently working on arranging the curriculum and separate classes. Scholars from many countries are present at the 7th international meeting of scholars, hosted by the Union of Islamic Scholars and Islamic Schools of Turkey. Mr. Mujahid added that in the previous government, 70% of the country’s citizens did not have access to education, “but now all citizens in every corner of the country have the opportunity for education. In its first actions, this group blocked middle and high school for girls. Although later, as a result of international pressure, this group promised that with the beginning of the new educational year (1401 solar year), they will open the school gates to everyone, including girls, but on the third day of this year and the beginning of the academic year in Afghanistan, the Taliban announced They said that girls’ schools are still closed. However, the Taliban have not yet yielded to the international community’s request, and there have been reports that there are differences within the Taliban regarding the reopening of girls’ schools.

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