Religious scholars: The closure of schools causes an increase in illiteracy

Religious Scholars: The closing of schools causes the increase illiteracy, according to the report of Roidadha News, citing TOLO News, a number of religious scholars and residents of Badghis province demanded the immediate reopening of girls’ schools above the sixth grade. They say that the continued closure of girls’ schools causes an increase in illiteracy in the country. Ghulam Mohammad Moahedi, a member of Badghis Scholars Council, said: “Science is a tool in its essence, so there is no special condition in learning science.” Abdullah Jan, another member of Badghis Ulama Council, says: “Every government should provide education for its people and do things that encourage people to learn science.” The residents of Badghis also consider it important to educate girls. Gul Mohammad, a resident of Badghis, said: “If girls’ schools are not opened, a segment of society will remain illiterate.” Juma Khan, another resident of Badghis, says: “It is good that our sisters become literate and the whole family is literate.” Meanwhile, girls above the sixth grade in Badghis say that they have been waiting for the reopening of their schools for more than a year. One of the student girls said: “My request to the current government is to open the school gates for girls and not let girls stop studying.” The officials of the Badghis Department of Education say that there are hopes for the reopening of secondary schools and high schools for girls. Mohibullah Ehsan, head of education in Badghis, said: “The reopening of girls’ schools is delayed until the second order. God is kind, whatever the decision of the Islamic Emirate is, it will be the same.” The Emirate is aware of this.” These concerns are expressed while girls’ schools above sixth grade are not reopened soon, no female student will be eligible for next year’s entrance exam.

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