In the Past Week, 53 People Were Arrested in Connection with Criminal Offenses.


Officials at the Kabul Police Command say that in the past week, they have arrested more than 50 people in connection with criminal offenses from this city. Khalid Zadran, the spokesman of the Kabul Police Command, said today Monday (October 17, 2022) while talking to the Roidadha News agency, “The graph of criminal crimes is decreasing day by day compared to the past in the city of Kabul, and we are trying to reduce this graph to zero”. Mr. Zadran said: In the past week, about 50 criminal incidents have been recorded from different parts of Kabul, of which 44 are under investigation. According to Zadran, these incidents include murder, theft of property and car license plates, and harassment of people. In this connection, 53 criminals were arrested and 14 others managed to escape, and the security forces are trying to arrest them. And they do not surrender to the claws of the law. The spokesperson of the Kabul Police Command said: “In order to reduce criminal crimes, we hold weekly security meetings with the presence of the commanders of the security areas, transit lawyers and influential people, and with their coordination, we are trying to reduce criminal crimes to zero in the city of Kabul.” He added: Security checkpoints are active in various parts of Kabul city, which are effective in reducing criminal offenses and the support of the people is impressive in this regard. This is while, in the latest incident of criminal crimes in Kabul city yesterday, two of the thieves who stole 5 million Afghanis in cash from a money changer from the fifth security zone of Kabul city were arrested by the security officials of this zone. The citizens of Kabul say that if criminal crimes are not taken seriously, this city will become like the past with a high rate of criminal crimes and no one will feel immune. Mohammad Jawid, one of the residents of Kabul, told Roidadha news agency, “Criminal crimes have decreased compared to the past, but there are thieves lurking in some back alleys, and we ask the Islamic Emirate to deal seriously with criminals so that no one dares to commit crimes like theft and do not have murder”. Those in the know consider the existence of administrative corruption in the security, justice and judicial institutions of the countries as one of the most important factors in the high rate of criminal crimes.

Najib Ayubi, a resident of Kabul, says, “Now that the power is under the control of the Taliban, they must be responsible for the security of the people. The Taliban must take serious steps to reduce the criminal crimes of robbery and theft. Najib says that as long as people are unemployed and the ways of earning are closed to them, they will be forced to do this. So, if the conditions of unemployment and poverty in the country do not change, it is not possible to combat agianst robberies.

At the same time, Zedran says, “During the recent days, the amount of criminal crimes, especially armed robberies, has decreased in some parts of the country. According to him, thieves are not active on the roads of travelers like in the past, and they do not steal people’s property. Mr. Zadran asks citizens to cooperate with them in the fight against criminal crimes, he said, until people’s cooperation in reducing crimes with the Kabul police, these cases will not be fundamentally solved and they will prevent criminal crimes, especially robberies.

Report by Meena Habib

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