Smoking: The ban on women’s work has disrupted the aid process

Officials in the Office of the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, known as SIGAR, say that the ban on women’s work has disrupted the aid delivery process.

According to the News Agency of Events; In an announcement on Monday (Thurs 18), this department said that at the beginning of this year, 10 million Afghans needed emergency winter aid; However, assistance has been hindered due to the prohibition of women’s work in non-governmental organizations.

According to Peter Kessler, one of the spokesmen of the United Nations, Sigar has called the ban on women’s work a catastrophic disorder.

Sigar emphasized that it is necessary to remove the restrictions and obstacles from the United Nations and national and international non-governmental organizations in the field of providing aid and support programs for Afghans.

This is despite the fact that the caretaker government has imposed a work ban and educational restrictions on women until further notice.

meena Habib – Events news agency

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