SIGAR’s Concern About the Non-Opening of Girls’ Schools in Afghanistan.


The special inspector of the United States of America for the reconstruction of Afghanistan or “SIGAR” has expressed concern about the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan in his new report. In this report, it is stated that the restrictions have had a bad effect on the education of girls and have reduced the attendance of female students. Based on this report: “69 Afghan civil society activists and educational institutions have told us that the Taliban’s restrictions and different strategies, including banning girls from going to middle schools and high schools, have had an adverse effect and have caused a total decrease in school attendance.” Some political analysts believe that the closure of girls’ schools, along with other issues, has had a negative impact on the relations between Islamic Emirate and the international community. Wais Naseri, an analyst of political issues, says: “People find that the future of their children is not guaranteed here, that’s why they want to leave the country and become refugees in foreign countries.” “Unfortunately, the mentality that the Taliban have towards education, women’s rights, human rights, and especially girls, who form an important part of the Afghan society, should pay serious attention to their education.” On the other hand, in his speech at the meeting of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, the deputy of the Women’s Department of Human Rights Watch said that Afghanistan is the only country where girls are denied education. Heider Barr, deputy director of women’s rights at Human Rights Watch, said: “It is the 400th day that the Taliban have kept girls from school. There is no country in the world that systematically prevents girls from getting an education and women from working.” Meanwhile, some families of female students are asking the Islamic Emirate to open the gates of the school to all their girls. Breshna Hakimi, a resident of Kabul city, wants the Taliban government to open the school gates to all girls. “The Taliban hit the girls hard hurt, the girls are sitting at home, they are always crying, we want them to open the schools, announce that the girls go to school above the sixth grade and have a peaceful and free life. She said that half of the Afghan society has been paralyzed by staying at home and removing women from the society. After the Taliban took to political power in the country, with their presence, this group blocked girls’ schools above the sixth grade for female students, which was intensified by the strong reactions of the international community and international institutions.

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