Hieder Barr says, “Afghan Men are Forced to Impose Restrictions on Women,” Hieder Barr

deputy director of the women’s division at Human Rights Watch, says Afghan men are forced to impose restrictions on women. Haider Barr wrote on his Twitter that Afghan women do not follow the orders of the “Islamic Emirate”; But the head government forces the men of the family and other people to control women. He emphasized that this method will fail, because according to him, men also want freedom. Since the beginning of Taliban rule, dozens of decrees have been published to limit the activities of girls and women in Afghanistan, as a result of which the lives of many Afghan women are in trouble. Prohibition of girls above the sixth grade from going to school, mandatory Islamic Hijab and face covering, many women working in the government staying at home, and not allowing women to travel without a family member are some of the important restrictions that have increased the challenges for women.

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