Second Corona Wave Threat; The Afghan Ministry of Public Health Considers It an Alarm

Zubaida, who has 60 years, is still in a warm room at the Afghan-Japanese Hospital (the only Quaid 19 center in Kabul) but still has a cold.

“I caught a cold in the cold weather and rain, and then I felt very short of breath,” says Zubaida, who wears a large woolen-colored wool. I was so short of breath that I was finally forced to come to Kabul from the Jaghori district of Ghazni province for treatment at the 19 Afghan-Japan hospital. “After the corona test was positive, my fear and anxiety increased because I was afraid I would lose my life.”

Although in the first round the outbreak of coronavirus was less than the number of clients, but after the first phase of the outbreak of the virus, now the Ministry of Public Health has said that it has trained more doctors in this area. According to the ministry, facilities at Quid 19 hospitals across the country have continued to improve.

Considering the first stage of the coronavirus outbreak and the lack of facilities in hospitals, it can be seen that the government had acted later to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. We still do not find a number of patients and clients satisfied with the available facilities and have called for more attention from the government. There have been complaints in the past that more facilities were available to officials and members of the National Assembly, and they were able to be tested with all their family members. But these facilities were less available to other citizens.

The Covid 19 Afghan-Japan hospital, which is successful in the western part of Kabul and has been assigned to test for coronavirus and those infected with the virus, receives about 500,000 people a day for testing for covid 19 disease.

According to officials, in the first phase of the corona outbreak at the Afghan-Japan hospital, only two nurses were busy overnight. But no other official in this hospital took care of the patients. The negligence of the doctors in the Afghan-Japan hospital led to the death of the patients.

Some people who visited their patients in this hospital say that in the first stage of the coronavirus outbreak, the doctors did not go to the patient’s room for fear of losing their lives. He only took his sick body again.

Some people who visited their patients in this hospital say that in the first stage of the coronavirus outbreak, the doctors did not go to the patient’s room for fear of losing their lives. He only took his sick body again.

Although the prevalence of coronavirus has declined in the past three months, the incidence of coronavirus in Afghanistan has increased in the last two weeks, with more than 100 people being infected daily and more than 10 others dying. Give. Officials at the Afghan-Japan Hospital say positive coronary cases have increased by 35 percent in the country.

Afghan-Japan hospital.

Dr. Mirani Baratozi, a spokeswoman for the Afghan-Japan Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, said that with the onset of the cold season, people were at greater risk of coronary heart disease. He says that if the people do not follow the health recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health, the corona will increase even more and with the increase of the corona, the city of Kabul will once again go to quarantine under the guidance of the Afghan government.

Dr. Mirani says that most people with covid are 19 people over the age of 50, and some are under the age of 50.

For more than a year, the global plague of the corona virus has disrupted normal human life around the world. The coronavirus spread to Wuhan, China since March 2019, and has since spread to other countries. So far, 1.4 million people in the world have lost their lives to the virus, and in Afghanistan, about 54,400 people have died of covid 19 disease.

Dr. Ramin Hamed, the most specialized specialist in the Afghan-Japanese hospital, said: “With the registration of new events, the total number of people infected with the corona virus in Afghanistan has reached 49,484 since the first day of the virus outbreak. Dr. Ramin added. “Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, 33,540 cases of coronavirus have been registered at the Afghan-Japanese hospital alone, and 3,314 inpatients are still among the 3,930 positive coronavirus cases registered at the hospital.”


Government readiness to fight the second wave of the corona

The Afghan government considers the outbreak of the second corona wave a national threat.

President Ghani called on the Ministry of Public Health to provide all facilities in the center and provinces to hospitals and patients.

Interior Ministry spokesman Akmal Samsour also spoke about the dangerous and new stage of the Corona virus.

Samsur said that we may enter the second stage in another month, in which the pressure on the health system will be increased and the number of fatalities may increase. While the coron vaccine has been introduced in developed countries around the world, the Ministry of Health says that up to seven more articles of the corona vaccine may enter Afghanistan. Samsur said the World Bank has provided $ 100 million to Afghanistan for the purchase of the corona vaccine, and that the vaccine could be fully implemented in Afghanistan by 2022.

The Afghan Ministry of Public Health, led by the government, has proposed that in addition to closing wedding halls, 50 percent of office workers work from home for eight weeks. But it is not yet clear whether this plan of the Ministry of Public Health will be accepted by the government or not.


The serious stage of covid 19 disease has provided 19 people with better facilities that even those in protective clothing can visit their patients without any delay and stay in their room for an hour. But many patients who do not have a good economy complain and say that we cannot afford protective clothing.

Eyes of patients with coronary artery disease from Afghan-Japan hospital.

Mohammad Hamed, who has 26 years, patient family Mohammad Ali, who came from Takhar province with coronavirus, said: “They use a clothing kit for several days, because they cannot afford to buy clothing kits.” “My father has been in this hospital for 17 days,” he said. He said the kit was sold at the hospital for 450 Afghanis. Therefore, I ask the Ministry of Public Health to provide free taxis to the taxis whose patients have been hospitalized for a long time.


Bibi Nahid, who has 55 years, a resident of Dehmzang, Kabul, arrived at the Afghan-Japan hospital in Gadi (the oldest vehicle) for fear of contracting the corona virus.

“I felt some coronary symptoms in me,” he said. “I felt a severe cough and headache and rushed to the hospital.” He says that I was able to pay for my taxi driver because I took him to the hospital with a fare of 10 Afghanis. Complaining to the Ministry of Public Health, he said that in the area of ​​coronary heart disease, a lot of help has been provided and vehicles should be provided to the people.

Many people in the country immediately go to the hospital for testing for the virus when they feel the symptoms of coronary artery disease. Wahidullah, 35, transferred his ailing father from Badakhshan to the Afghan-Japan Hospital. He is wearing a protective suit, standing in front of the gate of the Afghan-Japan Hospital, complaining of a lack of oxygen.

Wasi, a 35-year-old security guard, says his father has been in a coma at the Japan-Afghan Hospital for a week.


He complains about the doctors’ negligence and says that on the night the president visited the hospital, all the doctors went to see the president. The next day, his father, 55-year-old ANA officer Nasrullah, died, including two others who were hospitalized.

He says my father was an ANA officer who survived from the wars, but he died due to the Corona virus.

With the rise of the second wave of corona virus in the country, the Ministry of Public Health says it is necessary to use a mask in crowded places. While in the first stage of the outbreak of Corona virus, the price of one mask was up to 30 Afghanis, but now in all markets of Kabul, normal masks are sold for 5 to 10 Afghanis. Citizens can get masks for themselves at a relatively reasonable price.

Corona vaccines are now being administered in the United Kingdom, Germany and some other countries. But the Afghan government is looking to global aid to provide the Corona vaccine to its citizens.

Research report by Meena Habib

Photography by Shabir

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