Reporters from Without Borders Organization 60% of Journalists Have Stopped Working

The Reporters Without Borders organization published a report on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 saying that in the year when the Taliban took power, Afghanistan lost 39.59% of its media and 59.87% of its journalists, especially female journalists. Three quarters of them are now unemployed.

According to this organization, all this happened amid the deep economic crisis and suppression of press freedom. It is stated in this report that Afghanistan had 547 media outlets before August 15 of last year, but a year later, 219 media outlets stopped their activities and 76.19% of 11,857 journalists lost their jobs.

Reporters Without Borders Secretary General Christophe Delor said: “Journalism was destroyed in Afghanistan last year.” He stated: “The media and journalists are subjected to unfair regulations that limit the freedom of the media and open the way for repression and harassment. “The authorities must commit to ending the violence and harassment of media workers and allow them to do their jobs unmolested.”

This organization has noted that women journalists were the most affected and in 11 provinces of Afghanistan, where there were 2,756 female journalists and media workers, now only 656 are working.

It should be noted that after the Taliban regained control, freedom of expression was severely restricted, censorship increased and many journalists lost their jobs.August 12, 2022

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