A Number of Women Activists Protested on the Collapse of Afghanistan’s First Anniversary.

About 40 women demonstrated on Saturday, August 13, 2022, on the collapse of the anniversary of the Taliban’s domination of Afghanistan.

They chanted “bread, work, freedom and justice tired of ignorance”.

This gathering was disrupted by the aerial shots of the Taliban group.

The protesting women say that in continuation of the previous protests, they protested against “injustice, crimes” and captivity of women by the Taliban.

Nadia, the pseudonym of one of the protesting women, told the Roidadha News that the Taliban suppressed their demonstrations with aerial shots and also broke down mobile phones of some women. This is despite the fact that during the past year when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, women have repeatedly protested against the actions and restrictions imposed by this group.

Rukhshana, a 32-year-old member of the civil society who participated in the prorest, said: Although they had a peaceful demonstration, the Taliban shot and clashed with us violently. She added that the Taliban should not treat women like this. The Taliban had previously arrested and tortured a number of protesting women. In the first months of the Taliban coming to power, protesting women appeared to the streets many times and protested against the restrictions imposed by this group. But the Taliban arrested them and threatened their families with death.

Meanwhile, a number of journalists who came to cover the women’s protest were beaten and two journalists Meena Habib and Farooq Omari were seriously injured in these protests

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