Protest of female students in Kabul University of Education and Training against the killing of Hazaras

Dozens of female students at Kabul University of Education also protested against the targeted attacks on Hazara Shiya educational centers in the west of Kabul.
These students chanted slogans for justice, especially for the education of girls, this Saturday (October 1, 2022).
They chanted slogans such as “Education is not a sin”, “Security is our right”, “We want security”, “Death to the enemies of knowledge”, “We are united”, “Join us”. These student protesters also demanded to stop the genocide of Hazaras and Shiyas in Afghanistan. Earlier, a number of women activists and female students also marched and demonstrated before noon in Dasht i Barchi area in the west of Kabul in order to demand justice and an end to targeted attacks on educational centers. But the protesters said that they marched from the Pul i Sukhta to Mohammad Ali Jinnah Hospital, but the forces of the caretaker government of the Taliban suppressed their demonstrations by shooting and beating them near the Mohammad Ali Jinnah Hospital. Meanwhile, yesterday morning, a suicide attacker attacked an educational center in the west of Kabul during the Kankur test exam. In this attack, the attacker first opened fire with a AK4-7 (Kalashnikov) and then exploded his explosives among the mostly female students. Dozens of students were martyred and injured in this event.
Abdul Nafi Takour, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, said that 19 students were martyred and 27 others were injured in this incident, but Some hospital sources have said that more than 50 education teachers were martyred and dozens of others were injured in this incident.
Reporter: Meena Habib

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