Guterres: The Taliban should immediately remove restrictions on girls’ education

The Secretary General of the United Nations said: “From this position, I call on the Afghan authorities to immediately remove the restrictions on the access of girls above the sixth grade to education. Schools must be reopened without discrimination.” “We have to make up for the one year of education that was lost due to the spread of Corona around the world and improve it again.”

In this meeting, the representative of Afghanistan’s robot-making girls asked the international community not to forget the girls who are deprived of education in Afghanistan, since the blocking time has passed more than ten months, it is still not clear when they will provide this Islamic environment.

This is despite the fact that after taking control of Afghanistan in August of last year, the Taliban government has kept secondary and high schools as girls’ day and they do not allow women to travel without Muharram.

Reportby meena habib

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