Attendance of 300 girls and 500 boys in competitive exam in Kandahar

More than 800 12th grade graduates, 300 of whom were girls, participated in a competitive exam held by a private medical institute in Kandahar province.

Those who succeed in this exam will be admitted to nursing, midwifery, dental, laboratory and pharmaceutical departments.

Shafiqa, one of the participants of this exam, said: “I am very happy that I participated in the entrance exam, I want to serve my countrymen.”

Shamsieh, who participated in the exam, said: “I am happy that I participated in the entrance exam today and I want to serve the people in the villages of the country in the future.

Some of the participants of this exam want the Islamic Emirate to immediately open the gates of the girls’ schools to the students.

Sharifeh, a participant of the test, said: “Our request from the Islamic Emirate is to allow girls above the sixth grade to go to school as soon as possible.”

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