Expansion of the campaign to reopen girls’ schools


In continuation of the demands for the reopening of girls’ schools, this time the “Rah Qalam” educational institution has launched a new campaign and demanded the immediate reopening of girls’ schools.

The official of this institution says that nothing has been done to reopen girls’ schools in the last one year.

Matiullah Wisa, executive officer of Rah Qalam Foundation, said: “With the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, I have traveled to 33 provinces. Our campaign is going on in two parts. One of our campaigns is for those girls from 6th to 12th grade whose schools are closed. We encourage people, elders and religious scholars to raise their voices. Teaching is our Islamic and human rights.

 Shafiq Ahmad, a resident of Kabul, said: “My request to the new government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is to reopen schools for female students.”

he adds that this issue has made the students and their families worried and disappointed: “I ask the Islamic Emirate to fulfill their commitment and reopen girls’ schools so that girls are allowed to attend classes. Our society needs the education and presence of these girls to progress.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate says that there are differences of opinion regarding the reopening of girls’ schools, and efforts will be made to resolve these differences and reopen the schools.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said: “Generally, there is a difference of opinion about this issue in Afghanistan, and the effort of the Islamic Emirate is to come to an agreement and resolve this issue within the framework of a good mechanism.”

A number of female students say that they are waiting day and night for their schools to open


At the same time, Anisa Peshayi, a women’s rights activist, considers the reopening of girls’ schools as the wish of all Afghan people and says that with each passing day, Afghan girls lose their educational opportunities: “It is unbearable for the students. Millions of female students have been denied going to school for several months.

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