Richard Bennett’s words provoked the reaction of the Islamic Emirate

Richard Bennett, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for Afghanistan, is concerned about the violation of human rights, especially the violation of the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

At the 51st meeting of the Human Rights Council of this organization, Mr. Bennett said that targeted assassinations, violation of women’s rights, violations of minority rights and restrictions on freedom of expression have increased in this country in the past year.

He also said that after the Islamic Emirate regained control, the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has increased and the world has been unable to deal with it.

Richard Bennett said in this meeting: “I am deeply concerned about the stunning backsliding in the civil rights of women and girls, and the political, economic, social and cultural situation that has taken a step back since the Taliban took over. There is no country in the world where women and girls are deprived of their basic rights so quickly just because of their gender. Security in Afghanistan is deteriorating again, I am concerned about the protection of civilians, especially the devastating effects on children, brutal attacks on civilians, mostly by ISIS.


Richard Bennett has asked the international community and the authorities of the Islamic Emirate to deliver international humanitarian aid to the most remote provinces of Afghanistan.

Thomas Nicholson, the representative of the European Union in Afghanistan, also does not consider the human rights situation in Afghanistan to be acceptable.

Thomas Nicholson said: “The European Union reiterates its permanent commitment to the full, equal and meaningful participation of all women and girls in all areas of life in Afghanistan and to support them against all forms of violence.


By  meena Habib


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