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More Than 300 Dogs and Cats Were Transported from Afghanistan to Canada.

More than 300 dogs and cats were transported from Afghanistan to Canada.

Jeffrey Berry, founder of Animal Rescue Group, by name of “No Dog Left,” says more than 300 “cat” dogs and cats have been evacuated from Afghanistan this week.

The group’s Instagram page states that 171 dogs and 146 cats arrived in Canada by private jet after a three-day trip.

The group said: hundreds of dogs and cats kept in animal shelters in Kabul were evacuated during the evacuation operation in August, despite efforts, and the group was not allowed to transport animals by military aircraft at the time.

Jeffrey Berry stated that he and his colleagues, after weeks of efforts, succeeded in facilitating the transfer of these animals by private flight.

The 19 dogs were taken to a safe house in Toronto, Canada on Friday and will be handed over to volunteer sale after a medical examination.

Earlier, the transfer of 150 dogs and cats on a private flight to Britain was controversial.

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