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Insurgency Taliban Killed During a Battle Between Security Forces and Taliban in Kunduz

In a military battle between security forces and armed Taliban at least 27 member of Taliban group including a highlighted commander of Taliban were killed. (Roidad Ha News Reports)

Sunday (Hamal 3 / March 22, 2020) based on a news report by ministry of national defense, Taliban assaulted on some parts of Khan Abad and Dasht -e- Archi District of Kunduz Province last night. Other Taliban members had widespread invasive plan against national army forces in “Imam Saheb” district.
Ministry of national defence verified causalities on Taliban including one of their commanders. Afghan National Security and Defensive Armies removed out 27 member of Taliban including captain of this group named “Qari Hafiz” and 19 member of Taliban Group wounded.
But Taliban claimed that based on air military operation of security forces, suffered civilians not Taliban Members.
Meanwhile ministry of national defense realized the news report that in recent days security and defensive forces suffered from causalities by Taliban that this reaction of Taliban faced with domestic and foreign convictions.

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