Education of Girls in Afghanistan Is at The Top of European Union Programs


The head of the European Union delegation to Afghanistan says that the issue of girls going to school in Afghanistan is one of the priorities of the European Union. In a special interview with TOLOnews, Arnot Pauels, the head of the European Union delegation to Afghanistan, emphasizes that the demands of the international community for the creation of an inclusive government, giving the right to work and education to women do not mean interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. The head of the European Union delegation to Afghanistan said: “The first issue is girls going to school, this is the first issue for the European Union. The second issue is to allow women to work and the third issue is human rights, freedom of the media, respect for the right to life, that there are no more extra-legal killings, and then the creation of a comprehensive political structure that concerns Afghans, how to create it. they do.” According to him, Kabul should do things that will lead to the recognition of the caretaker government. Although previously, the Islamic Emirate has called the demands of the international community, especially on how to establish a government in Afghanistan, as the intervention of countries in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, but the head of the European Union has a different view on this. Arnot Pauels added: “If they look closely at this matter, this is not an intervention. You can’t have this kind of conversation and let the other person say, for example, I will tell you what to say and what not to say, this is not a conversation. Conversations are conducted based on mutual respect, where both parties listen to each other and then decide to accept or not. “We listen very carefully to what the leadership has to say. We not only pay attention to what they say, but we also see what actions they take, and then we make our decision.” This high-ranking official of the European Union believes that the recognition of the caretaker government in Afghanistan will be a long-term process. Arnott Pauels said: “It’s interesting to me that you focus so much on the issue of recognition, and this is something that Taliban officials bring up in all their conversations. My answer is this and I hope I am clear that I consider the process of recognition to be a long process and not the beginning of something, it is not right that we first recognize and then everything will be fine. “No, first everything should be improved and then we can talk about recognition.” The right to education for girls and the right to work for women, the fight against terrorist groups, the non-use of Afghanistan’s territory against other countries are among the important conditions of the world for the recognition of the caretaker government.

Reporter: Meena Habib

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