Marks Potzel: Many in the Current Government Are in Favor of Girls’ Education.

Marks Potzel, the deputy special envoy of the United Nations for Afghanistan, says that many officials of the Islamic Emirate are in favor of girls’ education. In an interview with a Chinese television (CCTV), Mr. Potzel said that after talks with the officials of the Islamic Emirate, he has seen promising signs of changes in the Islamic Emirate’s approach to women’s rights issues. Marks Putzel, Deputy Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan, said: “When I talked to the Taliban leaders in Kabul, the deputy heads of prime minister and the ministers, and when I go to the provinces and talk to the governors and district governors, I did not see anyone who does not supported “girls’ education, that shows me that most people in this country are in favor of girls’ education.”
On the other hand, a number of female students once again express their concern about the closure of their schools and want the fate of girls’ schools to be clarified. Shafiqa, a 10th grade student of Surya High School, says that she and her sister have been got behind from education for half a year. According to Zuhal, first the corona virus and now the Taliban government have deprived them of the right to education and they are sitting at home. “It’s been more than a year that our lessons are left half finished. This way our future will not be good. We are worried about our future.” Rona, there is no excuse for schools to remain closed. Rona, a student of the 11th grade who also lives in Kabul, says that there are all facilities for starting school lessons and there is no excuse to block it. According to her, the Taliban should announce their decision to reopen the schools: “The government makes a commitment but does not implement it. If they want a prosperous Afghanistan, they should open the schools as soon as possible. There are schools and teachers, and UNICEF pays for the schools.” So there is no excuse for schools to remain closed. This situation has also worried the families of female students. Safia, a resident of Kabul city, says that one of her daughters is a student above the sixth grade, and with that Safia asks the Taliban government to open the gates of schools to all girls: “The Taliban hit the girls hard, my daughter is sitting at home. My daughter always cries, we want them to open the schools, announce that girls above the sixth grade go to school and live a peaceful and free life. Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, in his recent interview with the magazine German Spiegel, which was published a few days ago, claimed that the education of girls above the 6th grade in Afghanistan has been banned by order of Pakistan.However, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Taliban government, responded to Mr. Karzai’s statements and said that they are not affiliated to any country. This is despite the fact that Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the deposed president of Afghanistan, a year after leaving the country, in his first interview with “ABN” TV, although he considered himself the legitimate president of Afghanistan, but there was no reminder about the closure of schools for education. He did not educate the girl above the sixth grade. It is almost a year and a few months, girls above the sixth grade have been deprived of education, and the Taliban have not taken any action to reopen schools for these girls, despite successive promises
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