Taliban official: If girls’ schools are not reopened, the world will not recognize our government

A Taliban official says that if the government of this group does not reopen the girls’ schools, the western countries will not recognize the Taliban government for another twenty years. According to Afghanistan’s Shafqna news agency, Farooq Azam, adviser to the Taliban government’s Ministry of Energy and Water, said in a press conference that if girls’ schools are not reopened to students, the world will not recognize the Taliban government in twenty years.

Mr. Azam said: “If this issue is not resolved, the world and the West will not recognize the Islamic Emirate even in twenty years. This is the problem of the emirate, education is the right of girls, you can arrange it in any dress and in any Islamic way possible.” It should be mentioned that after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, this group started to close girls’ schools for girls above the sixth grade, which caused many reactions inside and outside the country. On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, said that the closure of secondary and high schools for girls in Afghanistan is not permanent, but according to him, by creating a safe environment, the schools will soon be opened for female students. But the prohibition of going to school for girls above the sixth grade by the Taliban has not only provoked international reactions, but it is also confusing for some of thegroup’s own members.

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