Children Misuse in Winter Season

Women use it to be able to empty the pockets of our fellow citizens; innocent children are put to sleep on the street in rainy and cold winter days and are kicked in the buttocks. They do not care what will come on them.

This evening, as I was on my way to home from my job, I saw a beggar woman in an area of Frushgah with ​​a small children lying on the street, while they were shaking from the cold and each time they wanted to hide under the woman’s tent; But the woman did not pay attention to their plight.

I was shocked to see this scene and told this woman to fear God, these innocent children will get sick; the weather is cold, at least remove them from the muddy ground, but this woman did not listen to me and continued her work indifferently. Until I called the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Tariq Arian, and asked him for help to oblige the police to save these children from this terrible situation, for which I thank them from the bottom of my heart, because the second district police and Ferdows Faramarz police spokesman They replyed positively at our voice and rushed to save these children. A special thanks to Mr. Faramarz for buying warm clothes for these children and rescuing them from the cold weather.

The painful moments of children are really overwhelming for us. I load; Times of seeing tragic scenes of children, especially children working on the streets; I get very upset and sometimes I make these issues the subject of my reports. To be able to help this vulnerable group. You should not make any difference when you see any sad scene. If I do something today, and if all our compatriots do something in turn, we can save thousands of children from misery. I am thankful and appreciate once again awake from the police and conscientious officials; Devoted and self-sacrificing, who take care of the problems of their compatriots in a timely manner and take care of the problems of their fellow citizens, especially children.

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