Afghan Women Exposed to the Worst Violence


Women in Afghanistan and many Middle Eastern countries are exposed to the worst forms of physical and psychological violence

Violence against women is not just about beatings and corporal punishment. The insulting words, doubt, pessimism, which in the masculine community is considered good, is the same violence that is applied to women, so-called “weak” men.

When there is talk of violence against women in Afghanistan, there is often talk of physical violence. Violence against women, on the other hand, can take many forms. “From verbal violence to psychological, financial and, in fact, physical violence is just one form of violence against women.”

Violence against women, in addition to sexual harassment or physical violence, is seen as a result of a patriarchal view that extends from the home to the workplace and social spaces. A view that does not give women “sufficient credibility in work organizations and institutions” and imposes various restrictions on women, from choosing a job and performing job duties to what is expected of her as a wife and mother in the family.

The psychological consequences of physical violence against a girl are despised by her father or brother, and when a husband beats his wife in front of his child, the woman work efficiency is reduced. For this reason, she sees violence against women not just as an individual issue but as a social issue.

Women activists also point to one point. They believe that as women’s awareness of the issue has increased, both the number of complaints and the subject matter of the complaints have changed. “Look at the number of women going to court,” she said.

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