A Woman’s Body Was Discovered in a Sewer in Kandahar.


Local sources in Kandahar province have reported the discovery of a woman’s body in the province.

Local sources in Kandahar province confirm that a woman’s body was found in a sewer in the province.

According to sources, the body of this woman was found on Saturday morning (March, 19, 2022) in the third district of Kandahar province from inside a sewer.

According to them, the residents of the place took the body of the woman out of the sewage well and took it to the hospital.

The identity and motive of the murder have not been determined yet. Local Taliban officials have not commented.

In recent months, however, the mysterious murder of women and girls has increased in the country. Earlier, the bodies of two girls were found in Mazar-e-Sharif and another in Kabul.

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